She is so freaking adorble!


Got a new kitty. Need some help with a name.

Bath day!

He loves you ❤️

My boys have way too much fun and then fall asleep.

My bundle of joy ❤

Annie Doing Her Part In The Women’s March In New Mexico

Kitten or angel?

My buddy

My kitten the day we brought her home. I think she decided she liked us. 😻

Our Japanese Spitz when picking up Japanese Curry

You’re mocking me aren’t you?

Almost 14 weeks old, and he’s got the puppy eyes to prove it.

Keeping COOL

You eated my cookie?

Enjoying my morning brew.

My 4 month old kitten sure has grow up fast! This is buddy.

This is Jackson

You Gotta Love Snow..

My lapphund in her natural habitat