Top 20+ Funny Pictures of the Day

Today… A legend died. Let’s have a last BORK for our beloved meme, Gabe The Dog.

F@#kin beards

He will be a good dad

That sentence was an adventure

Billy Joel playing harmonica looks like dying Anakin Sywalker

Only one semester down….

I aim to be this couple someday

A challenge from your friends at Snapple.

I do phone repairs and a client’s phone alarm went off while I was waiting for her to pick up the phone

9/10 fishermen hate this new method

It’s almost too perfect

Italian condoms

Harambe lives at 39,000ft

Today’s job hunter versus human resources

It took 9 minutes.

How to conduct yourself gracefully at a funeral.

The worst dad in the entirety of the United States is selling his daughter’s car…

Be careful of water!

Sign in a taxi cab

My change jar is three quarters full.

To the little boy who made his pet weasel a cart out of k’nex and dragged it round Waitrose on a lead


My girlfriend recently started working nights. I’ve been waking up to a lot of worrying texts.

My wife’s microwave at work demands sacrifice.

Hide and Seek Champs 2016

He’s not wrong

Safety Scorpion is safe.

My friend crashed my car, and I filled out my Geico survey saying only thing that was missing was cookies. I got cookies today!

The creators of Cyanide & Happiness drew this up for my brother

When the chocolates get too real

Straight and to the point!


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