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Top 20+ Funny Pictures of the Day

Ross is watching TV

The NFC Championship Game

Stop the sausage smuggling

This would make my day too

*They will never find me here”

Someone left his glasses in a museum and people thought it was a Art.

Asked for the strongest coffee they had…

No like

To the person that pointed out Troy Aikman looks like Jay-Z. It’s even better than we thought.

Thank you…

If you cover half of Harrison Ford’s face with your thumb you can see him acting out two different emotions at once.

And she’s the nominee for Secretary of what exactly?

I think he’s figured it out

I took my fiancé shooting for the first time. This was her first shot. She was aiming for the criminal

The helpful Polar Bear

My friend came across this at work the other day…

Who wore it better?

Oh shit!!

Troy Aikman looks like a white Jay-Z

Ordered cake on the left, received cake on the right.

When you’re low-key lonely

(☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )☞

It’s funny ’till it’s worrisome


Hey, he does have a point


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