Top 20+ Funny Pictures of the Day

Bill Nye the making light of a horrible situation guy

Coming soon to DVD

What a Fabulous Ballerina!

I don’t always sit in bags, but when I do…

Kids these days will never understand the struggle

Jack Black on the Price Is Right

Sister made this while bored at work

Seems legit…

Always looking for things they don’t wanna find

Shrek 4: the ending

In which case, I’d rate your understanding of how scales work a 7/10.

I always break out in a sweat

Man guarding a piece of string at The Museum of Modern Art, NYC. See that puck on the floor? If you look close you’ll see a piece of string extending out of it to the ceiling. It’s a work of art and this man’s whole job is to keep people from getting too close.

My dentist sent me this


This Star Wars inspired coffee shop sign

That’s genius.

Childhood Trauma Soap

Neither of the signs address the problem…

Our cat is my Monday spirit animal.

This is how my cat sleeps.

When your dog wants to be part of everything you do

Stop hitting yourself!

Pac Man is in a bad place these days


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Top 20+ Funny Pictures of the Day

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