“..cuz baking’ cool”

Stay Woke

When you run out of things to talk about

Buzz goes shopping

I yelled at this cushion today for being on the couch

Potty training week 1: My daughter gets her head stuck in the toilet seat and we have to cut her out. She survived unharmed.

Traveling and staying with fam. Borrowed my little cousin’s blanket to black out the windows so my kids slept in. Went out for a bagel run and nearly pooped myself…

Roommate wanted ad found on campus is oddly truthful and endearing

Shots fired at the local butcher shop.

HGTV just blurred a shit instead of re filming

death is coming

Wildly offensive English language t-shirts are apparently all the rage in Asia.

And then we become pickles

Now that’s dedication to science

While packing my son’s lunch, I found a pepper that brought me back to my college days.



Vince isn’t fucking around

Ostrich problems

Credit: Reddit.com