This customer felt it was necessary to explain why he needs three orders of mozzarella sticks.

I also tracked all my son’s first words since birth


5 year plan


What’s up, losers

No wonder she’s wicked

TIL that a group of koi fish is called a gasp

“We must delve deeper into the understanding of black holes.” – Stephen Hawking

bad news…iPhone was lost in the SF Bay Area; good news…it was located; bad news…

Complex Carbohydrates

I thought I knew the four elements, I was clearly wrong.

Took a unflattering picture of my dog and thought it looked familiar….

This is what you get when you invite a man to a baby shower.


Godammit Frank!

I Call Bull

Looked out my window at work and saw this.

Wanted to be a dad for career day. not bad.

Location vs. Picture




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