I know he’s around here somewhere

Jerry, you lucky bastard. Gotta be the best job on the planet.

How to stay relaxed in traffic

Sasha Grey talks about “The Fappening”

It’s because he’s German..

My local vet is nuts.

I thought ordering my dog a birthday cake would be a waste of money… Her reaction was worth every penny.


How to live your life


Someone has waited their whole life to write this story

Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?

Master Splinter spotted

Women power

When a Billionaire lost a bet

Sweet old man at the beach: “Would you like me to take a photo of you two love birds?” My wife: “Yes please!” Nailed it.

“OH, Dear… Honey. I think they’re about to blow up the plane. God help us.

“Ehhhh, what are ya, a wiseguy?”

See enclosed HD

My wife asked me to sort some chocolate rocks by color. I am color blind. This is the result.

My friend works at petsmart as and this is the face the dog makes after shitting in its room

Credit: Reddit.com



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