He sits here and watches me work all day,

A weird monkey

Someone is so happy the rain stopped 😄

He doesn’t understand his bed yet

Every night this little guy comes to sleep in his leaf

Sometimes, her tongue slowly comes out as she sleeps. I love her.

Dog snuggles…is there anything better?

This is my 17 year old cat, Geo. He still looks like a kitten to me 😻 I got him when I was 10.

A whole different kind of dog, the Leonberger

I Shall Call Him Mini Me

Nothing is happening over here

Floof and Floof Jr

My daughter wanted to hug this horse so as if on cue he just gently put his head down near her.

Red and Silver Fox Pair

He just realized that he can never be a seal

This new born calf is curious about my cellphone .

That’s a cool kitty

Baby Raccoon Taking a Nap

Brian doing his best 😮 face

Her favorite toy came with her from the shelter. A piece of felt tied to a shoelace

My cow had twins!

Credits: Reddit.com