You must have heard about the phrase that when you feel thankful, you have more reasons to be thankful. Well , I dont know about other, but that has worked for me a lot. I know what it means to be thankful and what nature gives you when you are feeling thankful. You should always be thankful and why not, the nature has given us millions of reasons to feel thankful always . Its like a vicious circle. When you feel thankful and grateful, you get more reasons and then you again feel thankful to get more and more reasons. In this post, I am giving you the reasons for which you can feel thankful right now!

Be thankful today for….

  1. The fact that you woke up today morning.
  2. The health of your family
  3. Driving on an empty highway in early morning.
  4. Warmth of quilts and blankets
  5. Strangers smiling at you during the commute.
  6. The school kids going to school with dreams and hopes.
  7. Your wonderful co working staff that adjust their schedule to arrange a day off for you.
  8. The dishes in your sink that simply means you have eaten.
  9. A tiny little baby hand in your hand
  10. Wrinkle free ironed clothes.
  11. The job you have
  12. A Cup of hot cocoa on a cool cool day
  13. The beautiful music you have on your mobile.
  14. Late night drives with friends
  15. Having a roof over your head
  16. Finding money in old jeans
  17. The feeling of being loved
  18. The love you get by your dog when you reach home after office.
  19. Hot showers after a hard working day.
  20. Winning a toss.
  21. The wonderful date nights
  22. People who follow the traffic rules.
  23. Chocolates
  24. The wonderful GPS.
  25. The Rains!
  26. Sitting in an open field on a crystal clear night and enjoying the celestial display above.
  27. Good Listeners
  28. That one musical number which makes you miss your school days!
  29. Parks with grass and trees and a jogging track.
  30. Advancement in cancer treatment.
  31. Increase in average lifespan
  32. The fact that you are probably gonna live longer than ever.
  33. The everlasting smile of your love
  34. A good hair day.
  35. The SitComs you love so much.
  36. The weekends.
  37. Vacations.
  38. The complimentary snacks you get in office.
  39. Comfortable shoes
  40. A Perfectly shaped egg
  41. The option to start a new life once again
  42. The option to make a mistake and nobody has to ever know about that mistake.
  43. That you can read this post
  44. A comfy bed to sleep
  45. Sunshine
  46. You can drink clean water
  47. Campfires
  48. Wonderful gift of eyes!
  49. Air conditioning
  50. An internet connection
  51. The google translators
  52. The fresh start you can always opt in the morning
  53. The option to look for hopes
  54. Bare feet on grass
  55. Feeling that how body heels itself even when you dont take a single medicine.
  56. Your favorite cake
  57. Banana and peanut butter
  58. That you catch the flight that you almost missed
  59. Last minute holiday plans
  60. The moment you hold his/her hand for the first time
  61. Awesome sex
  62. The fact that your one decision can change whole life
  63. You didnt die in a road accident today
  64. You have not got stuck in lift
  65. You didnt fall of the roof accidently
  66. Nobody punched you today
  67. You didnt have to beg for anything.
  68. You have both the legs and you can always stand on yourself
  69. You have all your teeth
  70. You dont have a tooth ache
  71. You dont have anything with the drug lord just got arrested
  72. You are not kidnapped
  73. You have oxygen around you
  74. You can always have a beach holiday
  75. You can always have awesome tweets!

And many more. Stay tuned for more or add yours in comment box.