Gordon Ramsay is savage

Willy Wonka has gone really deep this time…


Hello there!

This is funny

Don’t be afraid to share your ideas.

I gave these adoptable cats some interesting likes and dislikes

The Odd One Out

I can think of a few reasons…

In 2013 NYT made fun of India’s mission to Mars (top half). Today was Times of India’s response.

I definitely wasn’t expecting that…

German Wifi is the worst

My manager left for vacation and he left this note.

No problem.

Poor Engineers

It’s funny because it’s true.

f**k em, I’m going in anyway

Photo bombed or Woofed?

What geologists see

Know the difference.

Gon be lit

The new guy seems weird…

You’ve come a long way, girl.

This girl is really going places

Credit: Reddit.com