104 Funny and weird Men – Women bathroom signs

It is really difficult to express the actual emotion without design sometimes and with the use of language, it is very much possible that we can explain what we really want to say.  With the ever increasing use of technology and designing structure many people are trying to convey their messages clearly with help of some sort of graphics. 

One such perfect use of this designing technique is simply using the design on bathroom Gates to clearly mention which bathroom is meant for ladies and which is for gents. I mean I do not find it required because you can simply right male or female but this is required where language is a problem. I will explain suppose you are in Germany and you do not know German all you know is some English words and nobody near the toilet is able to understand English so how will you distinguish which toilet is for men and which toilet is for women? So that is where the designing comes handy. When a designer use designs to explain that which bathroom is for ladies and which one can be used by the males, a lot of things get better on its own.

I have seen some people making a mistake of entering a wrong bathroom because of language issues and this is a very common trouble we observe on the airports, in the malls, in the movie theatres and some other places of crowd. 

So making a design on the bathroom door is one of the finest thing that a person could do in order to clearly differentiate between the usability of the toilets without even using a single word. So here I am providing some of the Unique designs used by people across the world to Express which bathroom is for females and which bathroom is for males.

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