Magic of the Night : 50+ Best Owl Tattoo Designs And Ideas for Men and Women

Do you raise the value of the magic of the night…the mystery of darkness…the deep secrets cloaked in shadow? If so, an owl tattoo might be a great way to express your appreciation for the shadow side of life. Owls are sentinels of the night, and are extremely comfortable with the monarchy of unknown. If you dig that, then an owl tattoo might be a way to symbolize your comfort with mysteries skulking in the darkness. The owl is an intensely sensitive creature.

The owl is a symbol of hope in those murky, frightening times. An owl tattoo might be the perfect testimony to the fact, that indeed, light IS present – even in the darkest moments. On the subject of wisdom, owl tattoo meaning is symbolically connected to knowledge.

There are several historical links to the owl and wisdom. An owl was almost always depicted with Athena, the goddess of wisdom, the city of Athens has and still has statues, painting ect of owls to honor Athena. The owl is also a symbol of magic.

Here again, this alliance comes from the owl’s nocturnal nature. The moon (and the owl by association) is symbolic of intuition, mystery, magic, dreams and the cycles of time. In expressions of location, owl tattoos are very springy. It can be inked as owl sleeve tattoo, neck tattoo, etc.

In this post, I associated a collection of 50+ Best Owl Tattoo Designs And Ideas for Men and Women for your inspiration if you are looking for owl tattoo ideas. Let us know what you love the best. Don’t forget to share your favorite Best Owl Tattoo in the comments below. . Hope you will enjoy this idea…

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