30 + best small tattoo designs for your foot

Foot are an integral part of your body and in order to get a tattoo, this is very much possible that you have given it a thought that why not some ink on your foot? Well, some ink on foot will surely be a great idea and most of the times it is gonna be hot!

The world is full of tattoo ideas and to choose the one according to your choice and taste is something you should do outright.

Tattoo ideas for foot should be chosen according to your body shape and your own personal choice. We recommend you to consider all the available options for the foot tattoo before choosing one as the tattoo once inked can only be removed after a great trouble. The fact that many people regret making a choice in hurry ends up being a bad piece of skin for the rest of their lives.

We want our readers to make sensible choices and give a good amount of time in finalizing one tattoo for their body before going to get the skin inked.


This little anchor on the heel is one of the simplest yet elegant tattoo to go for.

A cool message in the form of tattoo inked on foot.

Who doesnt want a bow on their feet? That too in this wonderful shade of purple!


This tattoo on the feet is ultimate if you like to travel!


You know you are a salty soul, when you crave for this tattoo!

I want this tattoo a lot!

Just a simple star on the feet for the star of your life!


Simple, yet powerful. Whole solar system in the tattoo craved on feet.

A girl can not have more beautiful saying than this one.

A cool yet simple tattoo!

I love this foot tattoo! Small yet beautiful!

A butterfly for the beautiful butterfly owner of these feet!

Perfect tattoo for the ones who are lost in their own paths!

Great motivation! Just be tattoo on foot!

Simple yet stylish


I love this simple tattoo!

Dont you like this one?


Awww! These foot tattoos looks like some little pets paw!

Dont you like this one?


So simple!


Try this one


A little elephant shaped tattoo on foot.

See these little mountains on the feet tattoo!

Sisters for life!

Same tattoo as mountains, but on the different point of view!

All the  fingers are like painted! Wow

A nice coverup tattoo for your spoiled one

Single word to describe your whole life and hopes!

Constant reminder of a great motivation!

Stars, stars and stars!

Simple  and classy  flower tattoo on foot.

This one has to be the best one of the lot. These autumn leaves with this remarkable color pattern is just awww on the foot as a tattoo!


Yeah, thats right ! Its a cool tattoo


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