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50+ Architects who had only one job but failed miserably Laugh Guaranteed

Many a times we come across the wonders created by millions of mllions of architects all over the world and we enjoy being on them, in them and above them. We remember the New York’s Empire estate building, Burj Khalifa in the Dubai, Mumbai’s Banda Worli Sea link and what not. the world is full of architect miracles and all we have is amazing structures where we feel safe.

But wait, in the world full of smart ass architects, we have some fake and no so smart architects who can not make anything greater than a fool of themselves. We have global presence on internet now and we know what it means to make a mistake now. A mistake so foolish that even their diplomas feel bad about the same.

Here have a look at these foolish and stupid architect failures that even a kindergartener would have avoided.

Too many ACs, coolness guaranteed!

Where neighbors are really close!

Dont know bro, but they are cool

When you tweet wrong image

Great place for a meeting:

We need support at any cost

Privacy with benefits!

One job!

Close call

Yes bro ! You read it right!

Excuse me, but which one should i take?

Thug life!

In the god’s house!

Well played, mall!

What was the architect thinking? Like seriosly?


This fan is of no use bro


At least this Gate can be opened!

Ramp or stares sir?

Straight to the wall!

This one is  an architect failure for sure. I mean who can climb this door?



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