30+ Funniest Pickup lines of all times

The world is full of creative people and all of them have something great to say. let it be in the form of a pickup line. The pickup lines are in existence since millions of years and will continue to be there. The pickup lines we generally hear are funny when we are not at the receiving end. Well, here are some of the funny pickup lines for you!

  1. Is there an airport nearbuy, or my heart taking off!

2. A little adult, but yeah this works!

3. My eyes are there sweety!

4. A perfect date!

5.Tell me girl! 

6. Let me hold it for you!

7.Just to let you know, I am available

8.I am a 100% boyfriend material

9. I am not drunk miss.

10. eifell for you!

11.Tell me I am wrong

12. Do me please.

`13.Thats true miss!

14. Somethings are always good!

15. It hurts after a while! #IYKWIM

16.The truth is spoken

17.Some other things will also be tapped.

18. Thats a cool one. Like really.

19. I guess pretty high!

20.Husband material!


21. I am high.

22.You have got everything babe

23. I dont lie girl.

24. Michael’s pick up lime

25. An 82 year old’s pickup line

26. A Perfect 10

27.Not a line but a truck.  Pick up truck line!


28.All nighter

29. It broke the ice like really

30. If you know he means

31. Thats a refreshing fact.

32. Straight as Math

33.Tell me baby

34. I am supposed to do an essay by the way

35. True story!

36. I am a good vitamin!

37. Yes you are!

You can add more.

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