Befriend people who swear a lot, be healthy!

Recent researches show that people who swear a lot are the ones you should keep around. It is on record that people who are intelligent are quite different in viewing this world. Simultaneously these intelligent people are the ones who swear a lot ,as per one recent research. The research says that the people who swear a lot are the ones that are quite intelligent contrary to the popular belief that they are less educated or intelligent ones.

Some people believe that the people who swear a lot are to be kept away from your friends group or they are not to be involved in your daily life, but these recent researches doesnt stop here only. People who use a lot of curse words and tend to use more swearing have a better vocabulary and are generally more intelligent than you are.

The skills that makes a guy or girl swear more occasionally and more frequently have a closer link with having higher iq than the ones not swearing enough. Also, intelligent people tend to come up with novel swear words and more fluently.

People who uses curse words understand that what they are expressing and they understand the line to be drawn when using the curse words. This ability to draw a line indicates the presence of a higher degree of linguistic intelligence.

One more reason to befriend people who swear a lot is that these people are more honest in their day to day life. Various researches indicates that intelligent people tends to swear a lot and simultaneously they are honest.

When people swear a lot , they are the ones that can express themselves better than others. People like these are the ones that are honest to themselves while people who hold back their words when speaking can not be relied upon easily.

One more study suggests that when a number of suspects are being inquired for a crime, the ones who swear during the investigation are supposed to be the innocent ones. This is a study that shows, we might abuse, but we dont kill!

Dedicated to all the abusive friends!

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