Eight type of friends, everyone should have!

We all have that one friend
We all have that one friend

Everyone has friends, and the biggest gift we have got from the life is friends. When you are alive and make some friends, you connect with them on a mental level.
I mean, just imagine your life without friends, Won’t it just be ridiculous?

You cant live without friends but some of the people say that they dont have friends , while i believe in living the life when you are alive, you have to be sure that you have some friends in your life time. Some of the friends, are like the underpants. Supports you, comforts you and even if your pants get torn, they save you from embarrassment.

Sometimes, I got a thinking that what we all need in the life to make it legendary? We have everything like food, money, cars and awesome makeup but what is still missing in the life? The answer is we miss the friends. According to me, everyone should have these eight type of friends in his or her life, to make the life complete.

  1. The Cheerleader: A Friend that thinks you are amazing. This guy simply makes you feel awesome simply with his words only. A Cheerleader guy in your life makes you feel complete. The cheerleader guy believes in you and everything you do. Its possible that you may mess up a couple of things but these people are never bothered about the botched up things. They keep you focused and to see through the mess ups.
  2. A Pusher : A Pusher is a guy who forces you to be better and always better. A Pusher is a person who pushes you to do your best. They are also like cheerleaders but not so comforting and warm. They are rough sometimes and they make you question your life. They set a high standard for you in their minds and expects you to live upto it. You just goof up once, and a pusher will let you know what he holds in mind for you!
  3. The loyal guy : When you do something that you cant confess to anyone, the confident chap is the one who should share it with. This guy loves and no matter what happens, he will keep your secrets. You can share your good , bad and the worst with this guy. Its always a great feeling to have someone like this in your life. The loyal guy not only listens to you but makes sure that he or she doesnt judge you based on what you are going through. Its always this one whom you can call in the middle of the night and he will listen to you.
  4. The Energy Guy : This guy, as the name suggests has only one job. To give you the energy you need. They are extremely optimistic and gives you the zeal to dream big. These people leaves you with smile, and energy to do something big. Even when the times are hard, an energizer will have the aura to make you smile and laugh. This guy makes you feel that there is more to life than what you are going through. They make you believe in wonders once again and makes you stay motivated.
  5. The Mentor: A Mentor is a guy who guides you what to do and how to do. Generally its the guy who has already done what you are trying to achieve. He has already achieved or has taken the same road so that he can tell you what not to do or what can go wrong. A Mentor can be a teacher, a friend or some old acquaintance. One good trick if you dont have any mentors, is to trust the books. Reading autobiographies of the successful people can work the same way a friend would do.
  6. The adventure guy : I personally like this the most. A Guy who comes to your house in the night and asks you to come out in the payjamas and boom, the next thing you know is you are going to mountain trek some 200 KMs away. You need one such guy in your life else you will miss out a lot. Not only he takes you for the adventures, he is always ready for the same when you ask him to accompany you anywhere in the adventure . He makes your fears go away and pushes away your boundaries. He makes you go out of your comfort zone and boom, you rock!
  7. The crazy Guy : This guy is crazy. He never fails to make you laugh. In fact wherever this guy is present, laughter is guaranteed. This guy has always something in his bag to the environment lighter. You smile, you laugh and this guy can do it for hours . The crazy guy. You need this guy, because being crazy is cool!
  8. The best friend : A mixture of all these friends but a pinch of family ! A Best friend is more than just a friend. A Best friend is your family. A best friend is always a requirement in all of us lives. We can live without food for somedays but I am damn sure, we need a best friend in our lives. We live without a girl friend for years, but we can not survive at our best if we miss on this important part of the life.

Dedicated to all the friends of your life! Comment your views in the comment box!

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