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How I earned $ 15000 by working from home in my free time

Earning is an important part of ones life and almost all of us are working for something or somewhere. But what we lack is how to make it work and happen as per our requirement. We have to make some adjustments to fit to some others criteria and we can not just do that all the time. Many a times, we have to suffer a boss that comes with a high package, many a times we have to go out of our comfort zone to make things happen and many a time, we just kill ourselves in silence, because, lets be honest, we all need money, but hey! The world is full of ideas and ways to live your life on your terms.

If I tell you about my experience as a person who was not working for a company, but a bunch of losers. Every single day, I was feeling like being in a prison, but i had bills to make payment. I had some liabilities and even after hundreds of fed up talks in front of mirror, I could not resign. But one fine , day I was just searching the internet and something came up my mind. Why not try the other options to earn money and luckily, the internet is wise enough to come up with something I could do.

The internet gives you chances to earn money, but you have to follow some basic rules. The rules, that I learned the hard way, the rules that matters the most in todays world, the matters that really makes a difference when you are in this virtual world. Making money has never been a tough task,if you have the right strategy, but it is very much probable that you might end up losing your stake in the online business.

What not to do to earn money on internet :
1. Never register for any website that claims to provide you with regular jobs and ask for a registration fees :


A company that makes you earn bucks while doing some task on the internet for the people who are not known to you, will generally be working on commission and not on subscription fees. Dont pay anything upfront to anyone on the internet in return of a promise of huge returns in a single day.

2. If its too good to be true, its fake :


If you can not believe what you are being offered on the internet, dont trust it. The chances are very high that it is fake. You have to know yourself and you have to accept that nothing comes like a surprise. Yes, fortunes happen, but they happen differently and not on the internet and not like that.

3. Always search for the reviews for the company you are working for :


You have to have a habit of doubting everything, but we have to work too, then it simply means, some risks are required to be taken. These risks are like real risks. When you start working for some company, you have to search for the reviews on the internet for the concerned company. This habit will save you from hundreds of negative things that can go wrong on the internet.

4. Dont befriend people you work for :


You dont have to make everyone your friend when you are working on the internet. People tend to make relations to dupe you later. I have done hundreds of free tasks for the people who barely deserved them. They ask you for your number, they want to hang out, they want to make it like a relation with you and in turn you end up being at the point of no return. Avoid making professional relation in personal one.

5. Nothing is free :


I would have given a lot of examples for this statement, but let me be very frank for this one, you have to tie a knot for this in your mind. You can not expect a single thing for free on internet. In fact ,the porn they offer you for free has some adverts to be seen first. Everything has a price and dont expect it to be lesser of completely non-existent. Do your homework and don’t let yourself down when you are working on the internet. Whenever you come across something that attracts you, ask yourself a question, what is the price for this. Only parents love is free, other than that everything has a price.

Now, this was the part where I wrote all the negatives of trying to earn money on the internet, now comes the thing that actually this article is about. The money making procedures while working from home. Generally, people confuse working from home as working on internet, and it is perfectly all right , but the scope is wider than that. The options for you are endless and you should never confine your self to the definition of others.

Well, here goes how I managed to earn $15000 in some three months while working from home.



I started with searching the internet for how to earn money online and the most basic task that shows up is two make content on the internet. Making content on the internet is one of the biggest thing that is making this data age pocket friendly. People make new content and that content is read by people out there and they in turn makes money out of it. To put it in simple terms, When i make an article on any given topic, the website that publishes it puts advertisement inside the article and on the webpage. When users click the adverts, publishers get money and that money is shared with the article creator as royalty. The other way to get paid by making articles is to make it on a fixed pay basis, like some companies paid me like 100 Bucks for making an article and never gave me anything from the advert income they got. The world is big and so is the ways to deal with people. I ended up writing about 50 articles and i managed a big chunk of these 15 Grands from this content making.

I worked as a social media manager :


A Social media manager is something that manages social media accounts for a company and not only manages a social media account but help the company build an image based on the posts and content they share on the social media platforms. My work was based on a software developing company based here in my city that made me manage their twitter handle and I just had to reply to the comments made to the company’s official handle. The replies were most about thanking the people for their views and if any complaint came, I had to create a ticket at the backend company provided me . The task was pretty easy and i actually enjoyed it. This task gave me about 1300 Bucks from the $15000 i made in three months.

Translations :


Translation is something that makes your product go global. With everyone going behind the globalization, everyone is trying to make an impression on the wider audience. There is a very high demand for the people who can translate stuff to other languages. As per some reports there are about 6500 languages spoken in the world. This simply means, that if you know more than one language, you can actually make a fortune with this simple translation thing. But the only thing that makes me go cynical about this job is that a lot of reading and error findings are attached with this job. You have to maintain the flavor of the content in the translated langauge too!

Freelancing service:


Generally what ever you do at your own terms and at a comfort of your home, is freelancing but here freelancing is different. There might be some special skill that you posses and that can be used to generate revenue. There are always some people who are in search of knowledge or skill you have . The only thing you have to do is to look at the right place. All you have to do is to make a resume type of thing and update it at freelancing website and boom! You are done. But you have to make sure that right skills are updated in your resume and you have to do the task with utmost respect for the job which in turns improves your ratings on the community . This rating brings you more work! I know some wordpress stuff and that made some 5000$ for me. This was the biggest chunk i received in these three months.

Consultant :


This is more or less like freelancing . In this task you have to give consultancy services to your client. You can find the service seekers over the internet and other places or say the freelancing sites. I personally prefer joining some facebook groups that offers such services, if you find it with all you have, you can have it anytime you want. The best part about consultancy service is that you don’t have to work physically , but mentally. I excel at it.

Virtual Assistant :



This is more or like being a help. Except this help in offered online and you can do this from your home. There is no need to go out for this and you have all the things you do on the computer only. With the times getting busy , people are in constant need of making things go better and smoother for them and most of them can not have a full time assistant with them , hence virtual assistants. Try this and you can actually make a good amount of money with really very small amount of money.

Blogging :


Last but not the least, in fact the best one among all these options. You can start a blog . The blogging is easy and all it needs is a domain, a server and writing skills. You can read about how to write blogs and all the things related to the internet blogging and you can excel at it in pretty short amount of time. With the advancement of technology the servers, domain and blogging have become one of the most affordable style of business that you can run from the home. All you need is to research a little bit and make it a habit to deliver the best content to your people. In blogging, sky is the limit. I own like 4 blogs as of today and all of them are giving a steady and regular income. I made a lot from the blogs but they did not contribute much in the initial period, but they matter the most now!

Well, its getting enough and the article is going beyond the word limits alloted to me. Hence, i conclude with the words that if you open up your mind and are ready to taste the new dimensions of the adventure while earning you can expect your next grand in a couple of months! Comment how you managed to earn your first grand in the comment box!


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