Awesome vintage house designs to make you go nostalgic!

You are raised in your house and your love that. There is no way on this planet that you don’t love your house. Remember exactly each and everything that you and your father’s house had. Almost exactly identical design was carried out by your friends father also. So here in this blog post I would like to make you go nostalgic about some of the vintage house designs. Get ready to go nostalgic!

#1 Somewhere in California

California Cottages: Interior Design, Architecture & Style, 1996

#2 Doesn't this house look familiar?

I am not sure whether you have seen anything like this before in your life or not but this house is 100% awesome and makes you go nostalgic.

#3 Do you remember something after seeing this house?

Let me remind you of the awesome times when you used to visit the grandmother's house and it was something like that. The scraped wall paint a window from where you could see the mountains, and awesome meals prepared by Granny . I am sure you miss this house.


What do you think?

Written by Moody Soody Staff

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