Things you have to do as a couple

Being in a relationship is cool. Like really cool.

There are people who likes being in a relationship, there are people who wants to be in a relationship, then there are people who are actually into relationship, and lucky are those who are in a relationship.

Relationships makes you alive and makes you a better person. It’s almost like amazing to have a girl or a boy in your arms to cuddle. A person with whom you can lost yourself in the distant dreams of your childhood.

many reports suggest that a person who is in a relationship tends to be happy and healthy. But recently I have come across an idea that many people are unable to cope up with the pace to maintain their relationship. Some of the people out there are actually very loving very caring but they are unable to express their love for one or the other reason.

What could be worse than being unable to express your love to your loved one?

Well,  you are in luck . the world doesn’t end here .the world is way more better and powerful when we are with our loved ones.

if I give you a choice that how many times and in what ways you will express your love to your loved ones what would you choose? of course there are like millions of ways to express your love some of them can be classified as couple goals.

Couple goals, a term you might have come across on many social media platforms that simply means a goal which is supposed to be achieved as a couple. you and your loved one or your friend or your spouse is the best thing that has ever happened to you. Why would you take a chance to waste it like that? 

of course there are many things which you can do to make your lovelife better but the world is bigger and bigger and bigger and perhaps we have more couple goals then we can think.

You hold hand with your loved one and take a walk on the beach, you cuddle with your girlfriend and watch Netflix,have the finest of the wine in the world and go berserk with your girlfriend.

Some people find their partner just like that without having to do much of the work and that can already be considered as a couple goal. That is, to find your partner like the God has planned it for you. Some people fail to find their partner even after so many attempts but at the end of the day both of the people are having one thing in common, a partner.

A partner makes you a couple, and we wish you a very happy couple life so  in this post  I am posting some of the finest couple goals you should consider to make your life worth living as a couple.

In this post we have personally collected a list of couple goals you should consider with your loved one and that will eventually make your love life better. The list is not the end of the life and you can expect more and more to come in the future.

#1 Spending a cool evening with your girlfriend watching TV

For some people this can be a boring task but for a couple this is like a dream come true.I mean what could be a better thing than being with your girlfriend in bad on a cosy Sunday evening and watching her favourite movie. of course it can be your favourite movie also but come on she is your girl and you are expected to make it better for her.

#2 A sweet and lovely evening with your girl

I am a man and I have no issues in making my girl feel special.of course she is one of the famous thing that happened to me in my life. I seriously do care about making her feel special. It would be an amazing couple goal to spend an evening with my girl like this.

#3 Never want to wake up when I am with you

How cool it would be if I am map around your hands whole night on my bed I could feel the warmth of your breath, your trust lying on my shoulders, and I make it my responsibility to make you feel loved whole day and whole night. I seriously do not want to wake up whenever I am with you!

#4 I wish for evenings like this

Just imagine that you are with your girl in the room. The girl can be anyone, be it your girlfriend, your wife your crush. But I guarantee that evening spent like this with your girlfriend while you are resting on her back and watching your favourite TV show is amazing.

#5 Giant screen TV with girlfriend

I am not sure where I got this picture from but I am pretty sure that after seeing this picture you want to have a hangout like this with your partner. Of course you want it sweetie you are a couple and you deserve to rock. 

#6 The world is so much different and love knows no boundary !

When it come to love love doesn't know any boundaries. Love knows only one thing the feeling that comes from the heart doesn't matter you are straight gay bisexual transgender, as long as you are a couple you are good to go. Here's a big that depicts lesbian couple goals


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Written by Moody Soody Staff

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