How much should you exactly tip to your tattoo artist

When you go to a tattoo studio there are some etiquettes you need to follow. how to talk to the tattoo person so that you can express your clear idea about your expectations from the studio. Where to get the tattoo, and how much do you trust the tattoo artist. Money in financial issues are always secondary when it is about quality over quantity but he it matters. There are topics that literally matter when you are getting a tattoo. Experience of the artist the hygiene and health issues regarding the tattoo but one thing that is overlooked often is the tip. 

Now the question arises how much should you pay for the tip to your tattoo artist. Well to be frank there is not a single answer to this question. How much should you pay to your tattoo artist is something that depends on more than one factors. some of the factors which you have to and you should consider before making any payment to your tattoo artist or how was the service how hygienic the studio was how Chris but the tattoo is and more importantly how satisfied you are with the tattoo.

Why keeping your tattoo artist is important? 

no post and number one thing that why you should take your tattoo artist is that it is a way to say thank you to your tattoo artist for the services he has render. tattoo making is a service oriented job and it actually is quite complex to make a financial living based on just for income on Tattoo designs. an artist that works with sincerity and love deserves to be compensated generously. 

generally when you take a tattoo artist the tattoo artist gets only about 40 to 50% of the fees they have charged you rest of the 40 to 50 person goes to the shop and utility expenses in supplies and machinery maintenance expenses. so that simply employees if you are giving a trip to your tattoo artist you are helping him finish Delhi directly . Also there are taxes that are required to be paid on the bills. 

So how much should you pay as a tip to your dad what is? If you plan to visit the same tattoo studio again you would not want to piss off your artist. The money is not everything but it certainly is something that you should not overlook as it may make relations and break relations also. 

Generally the tape doesn’t make a big difference and it professional tattoo artist will not mind if you give him little or no tip at all. 

but it is strongly advisable that you give a tip and a handsome tip to your tattoo artist. 

Having said all this what should be the tip amount? Some people suggest that tip amount should be anywhere between 15 to 30%. 15% is like minimum amount that a tattoo artist expect but most of them will be very happy with the normal range of 20%. 

What is the perfect time to tip the tattoo artist?

 There is only one answer to this question. You don’t tip the waiter before you finish the food at a restaurant. So the best time to tip the artist is after he or she finished the tattoo on your body.

Some of the studios take money before hand even then you should at the end of the services rendered. 

while almost everybody likes something extra as a gift or prize for something done very good there are exceptions and people who do not like taking tips. If you come across any one of the clients the tape don’t force set be graceful enough to respect the views.

That’s all about the tipping section! Waiting to hear from you!


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Written by Moody Soody Staff

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