Most weird tattoos ever on weird parts of body!

People get tattoos and they get it everywhere. People are kind of crazy for tattoos and it won’t be high if I say it sometime they end up being a weirdo in the normal course of action. 

Many people have no idea how long or how hard is it to maintain the tattoo. Some people get the tattoo and their feeling good or excited. I have seen people who have literally regretted getting at it.

But that’s not all the life is brighter on the other side. People are weird in The times of technology.

Each one wants to appear differently and sometimes this process the line. Crossing a line is not a bad thing at least tell the time you have a control and urge to come back. 

How many times you come across people with the weird tattoo on the Subway? Almost daily? Am I right? Of course I am right sweetie.

What matters is what are the limitations of being weird? To answer this in a single word there is no limit of being weird.

Again coming back to the topic we have seen enough of the tattoo designs on thr outer parts of the body, but what if I say that when it comes to carving a tattoo on your body there is no limitation on where and which place you can get a tattoo. Whole body and I literally mean whole body you will get the tattoo.

What is the tattoo? A tattoo is nothing but just a pictorial representation of something that you like.

Some people are violent so naturally the time to get a tattoo that shows guns. Some people love nature and have a very warm heart so naturally they would love to get a tattoo something related to nature. May be a tattoo with flower. Some people are always trying to find something that doesn’t exist like what is the purpose of this life . These people are naturally prone to tattoos that depicts the life quotes and sentences.

I have seen people who have motivational quotes literally carved out on their body as a tattoo. What about them? Nothing just accept them for what they are.

But our topic is about weird tattoos people get on their very own skin. as I already told you that there is no limit when it comes to stupidity and making wrong decisions, getting tattoos that makes you weird is a turn on!

#1 This is a weird tattoo

I am not sure why this women is standing naked with tattoo on her butt but whatever it is the tattoo seems weird. 

#2 Not weird not romantic and not even awesome

I am not sure about the owner of this tattoo.whether it's a girl whether it's a boy but any how to see this tattoo you need to pull your undies down. Pulling your undies down just to show a tattoo simply means that the tattoo is for a special and loved one. This is an acceptable level of weirdness.

#3 Seems lovely but pretty weird

This couple qualifies for nomination  as a couple goals, but the tattoo speaks a different. Though I like ink girls, his girl is way to inied to be called normal.

The tattoo is pretty good but it kind of sets a mood that doesn't go well with romance. The tattoo here in this picture represents a girl and a boy in a relationship enjoying each other on the bed but the girl is having a tattoo. Having a tattoo is not a bad thing but this type of tattoo is turn off for me. Maybe the couple of this tattoo but hey this is a poster about weird tattoos!

#4 Yet another disappointing plus weird tattoo

I am not sure what girl was thinking when she got this tattoo. Is tattoo is agali and she knows it. Hamen what is the use of getting a tattoo that you can not show anyone? 

To show this tattoo anywhere in public you have to go backless and if you are not ready to do that this tattoo is as useless as anything else. 

Maybe this girl got the tattoo only for her partner but accepted getting inked for just a single person is way too harsh on your own self. 

#5 Getting a full body tattoo is cool

There is always a story behind every picture and this is no no different to others. This girl has  got a full body tattoo that is probably for her partner. Well this tattoo is pretty sexy when she is on the bed and naked but this indeed is weird. 


What do you think?

Written by Moody Soody Staff

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