Canadian rock icon Neil Peart, drummer and primary lyricist for

Neil Peart, the virtuoso drummer of iconic Canadian band Rush who was revered as one of the greatest drummers of all time, has died at age 67.

Neil peart, was one of the greatest drummer in the history of Canada. Is drumming was explosive and expanded Rush’s power-trio dynamics.

Neil peart was the Hike concept lyricist and a drummer actually rocked the Canadian music. he died here in California at the age of 67. He was suffering from brain cancer.

The popular band named as Rush was founded in 1968 but it actually got its long-term identity with three people of the band Geddy Lee, Alex lifeson and Mr Neil Peart. 

Recording career that continued even in 2010 the band called Rush headlined more than a dozen Platinum albums. Neil peart retired in 2015 and after that some health issues were reported result of which Neil peart was dead.


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