Grey’s Anatomy Star Justin Chambers Leaves the show after 16

Justin Chambers is leaving Grey’s Anatomy after 16 seasons portraying character Alex Karev. Read the actor’s statement here.

For Justin chamber fans it has come as a shocker that the original Grey’s Anatomy cast member and really a fan favourite is leaving this hit medical drama After 16 grade seasons on the TV channel ABC.

Justin chamber was last seen in the 350th episode of Grey’s Anatomy which was aired on November 14 2019.

According to the actor” there is no good time to liver show and it is almost 15 years of my life that has defined my career”. Chambers said in a statement that for sometime I want to diversify my acting career as I am approaching 50. He also thanked and acknowledged for being grateful about having a wonderful and supportive wife and family.

In the show Chambers plays Dr Alex karev and is quite famous and people actually love the way he was in the show since the pilot of the show. Further in the statement he acknowledged that he was thankful to the TV channel the director original cast members and rest of the cast and crew whether they were from the past or present he really enjoyed the ride.

As per the story Dr Alex karev was introduced in Grey’s Anatomy series premiere as an intern at Seattle Grace hospital which later on became pediatrics surgical fellow.

There were quite ups and downs in the show with the actor and ultimately it was a character which had a great impact on the audience.



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