Iran says it 'unintentionally' shot down plane

Iran had so far denied responsibility for Wednesday’s Ukrainian plane crash, which killed 176 people.

On Saturday coma Iran has accepted the responsibility that they have shot down Ukraine Airlines plane unintentionally which killed 176 people on Wednesday.

Initially Iran was saying that there is no evidence that they have shutdown the place by attacking it with missile but now they are accepting that it was an accident caused by human error. Disastrous  human error indeed.

Iran state television broadcast has accepted that the Ukraine International Airlines plane number PS752 was shot down by mistake.

Iran has issued a statement that the airplane took an Unexpected sharp turn towards one of its sensitive military base which resulted in  retaliation by the military sources.

Iran however initially tonight having played any direct role in crashing down the Boeing 737 – 800 from Ukraine.

The statement issued by the Iran says that the person responsible for this shooting down of the plane would face all sort of legal consequences and military would undergo all major  reforms so that this sort of incidents are never repeated.

The President of Iran Hassan rouhani has written on Twitter that this is an unforgettable mistake and a great tragedy.

Foreign minister of Iran Mohammed Javed Sharif has tried to Put The Blame On United States by declaring it as a human error caused because of the adventurism of United States.

Whatever the case may be, we understand that this is indeed one of the worst tragedy in recent times and all sort of measures should be taken by all countries so that such incidents are never repeated again anywhere all across the globe .

God bless us all!


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