Pass this temporary tattoo machine over your arm for instant ink

The $269 Prinker S delivers fun, temporary tattoos in seconds.

This might come to you as a shock that there is actually a tattoo printer that can print a tattoo on your hand or anywhere on the body with n minutes. The name of this amazing tool is printer s. Inter as is a handheld gadget and it can be done hand operated very easily. The machine work with cosmetic grade Ink cartridges, however the increase but it is claimed that each of the cartridge can print upto 1000 different tattoos.

Yah machine works based on an app where you can search any keyword and select the design want to print on your body as a tattoo. Also there is a customisation in the app itself where you can design your own tattoo. 

Last part of this new invention is it appears magical and in seconds. Printer as sure is the future of tatoo printing.


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