Bill Gates owns the most expensive book of all times!

All of us has a paranoia of books ,and the main reason behind this paranoia is simple, we do not want to study! Or read, or say, open a book, but there are people who are almost as dedicated to collecting books as anything else. 

Bill Gates, once world’s richest person has been collecting things that no one uses, like literally, but one thing that attracts my understanding of his collection freakishness is the most expensive book he has in his collection. 

A book, published in the 16th century, “Codex Leicester ” by Leanardo Da VInci, has been bought by Bill Gates in the year 1992. Having a look at this expensive book, I can not decide whether it is machine printed or hand written, but this is something Bill Gates must be really proud of. 

The Book has about 72 pages and was written between the year 1506 and 1510 by the great mind from Italy, leonardo da vinci ! 

What is special in this book? You find for yourself!

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