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  2. If I take this opportunity to comment why Joe Biden is not the best option for the presidency is because a lot of people consider Joe Biden as a tough choice between holding their noses and voting for him or just staying at home on the election day. but still if we have a fight for the common enemy enemy should be defeated and the enemy here is a not name it
  3. we can focus on policy and other issues and Donald Trump is not the president of United States. As of now the only thing that matters is getting him out of the white House
  4. As of today I am sure that Joe Biden will work better and he will win the presidency for sure. Joe Biden correlation is stronger than anyone else's coalition and he is leading the hall with mile.
  5. There is nothing more important than defeating the grand old party right now. If the election was fought on real issues Biden would probably be no where in the top. If the grand old party stays in The Power no American will get what they deserve. Infect gop is doing the exact opposite of what liberals want. This election is about returning to the Trump era of United States. an era where the president of United States was capable and powerful of taking decisions and making an impact. Before Donald Trump POTUS was respected everywhere but nowadays the same is not applicable. this is a twitter President who has enough time to spend on Twitter renting about how is boobs do not flush right anymore on the Christmas. so this is a decision that United States has to take whether or not to become great again with or without Donald Trump I would say without Donald Trump for sure.
  6. if I take this opportunity to say that Donald Trump is the kind of a person who would throw send in someone's eyes and show that he is a tough person after all this. Trump is not worth voting for sure
  7. That's one among the foremost foolish posts I've seen during this thread. does one genuinely believe a Joe Biden presidency is even within the same league because the damage that might occur in four more years of Trump? I can't tell if you are a Russian troll trying to suppress voting, a non-American who feels they do not have a stake during this , or someone who is unbelievably ignorant, short-sighted, selfish and self-destructive.
  8. Even Biden with a republican VP would be better than Trump for four more years. If you actually think there is no difference, i do not even know what to mention to you. Biden is clearly a less favorable choice than almost the other democrat, but still miles better than Trump.
  9. I was getting to due to what Trump has done to families at the border is terrible and democracy. However, his recent statements makes me think he won't do anything about anything. It looks like he will want Republican approval about everything. So why should I bother voting for him? He said he might chose republican VP, he hope democrats don't win an excessive amount of , and he doesn't want to urge destroy the NRA. I'm beginning to believe he will let republicans run the country. A republican presidency with a democratic name. It's embarrassing.
  10. without a doubt Joe Biden is any uses president candidate from the democratic side but what options do we have for the god sake. If it was possible for the country to have produced more efficient and were the presidential candidates we would be in a better shape but still as the opponent is Donald Trump, no scope of thinking about avoiding Joe Biden is the future president of United States of America
  11. People forget one important aspect of democracy , the democratic institutions. Donald Trump is ruining all these democratic institutions Inch by Inch. he is undermining all the setup institutions and trying to show us that he is a single man show.many people suggest that Donald Trump and Joe Biden are almost same and equal but still if one difference that makes all the sense is the sense of appreciation for the democratic institutions.having been said this I would like to categorically state that Donald Trump is a threat to our democracy.
  12. Biden too is not very effective and half the time he doesn't know what h is doing where he is and how should he speak. Just because w have Trump in opposite, doesn't mean Biden is a good choice!
  13. This is correct. Even the judges are being blamed for having been appointed for their right wing attitude and support. If Biden gets elected , we will have q centrist approach at least
  14. In the form of Biden ,we will have a president who literally listens to his advisors and these advisors will not be orange ketchup. Try to be sensible this time . Vote democrats
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