Pic dumps of the life time

Every now and then something is happening in the world and there is one out of this situation. 

These are called daily pic dump. Pic dumps are funny and majority of the times these victims will make you feel good. 

Pic dumps are everywhere and you come across them on your social profiles here and there and these pictures are actually funny and makes you remember the good time you have.

Pic dumps are collected from internet and it covers a wide variety of daily happenings be it funny fails be it architectural funny stuff and all sort of things that a person considers worth watching on his or her social media profile . Instead of making hundred different pose for same thing that is the pic dumps, I will be updating this post every now and then and then we will be trying to update this post daily. 

#10 A snake ate a gun…

Have you ever wanted a snake in custom design? Well here is a snake that has a custom design after eating an AK47 gun. Poor snake!

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