Two type of people in the world

The world has two type of people! People who like one thing and the people who like the other one. The things are optional but the thinking and choosing makes all the difference. People make choices and the choices makes people .
The world is divided on almost all things and here we have collected a huge post about the same. There are two types of people in this world!

  • Pepsi V/s Coke

    • Coke
    • Pepsi
  • Tea V/s Coffee

    • Tea
    • Coffee
  • Earphone Vs Headphone

    • Earphones
    • Headphones
  • Netflix on TV vs Laptop

    • TV
    • Laptop
  • Landscape V/s Portrait in Mobile

    • Yes
    • No
  • Toilet paper Dilemna

    • Over
    • Under
  • Single Alarm V/s Multiple Alarm

    • Multiple Alarm
    • Single Alarm


Written by monika

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