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  1. People forget one important aspect of democracy , the democratic institutions. Donald Trump is ruining all these democratic institutions Inch by Inch. he is undermining all the setup institutions and trying to show us that he is a single man show.many people suggest that Donald Trump and Joe Biden are almost same and equal but still if one difference that makes all the sense is the sense of appreciation for the democratic institutions.having been said this I would like to categorically state that Donald Trump is a threat to our democracy.
  2. This is correct. Even the judges are being blamed for having been appointed for their right wing attitude and support. If Biden gets elected , we will have q centrist approach at least
  3. Kids are funny and if they could speak, they will only speak truth! #funnykids
  4. Why are you still single? What reason do you have for yourself being a single? Come up with stuff you have in your mind!
  5. There are sites in USA where you can have 100% dating for free. What are some of the free dating sites you have come across for USA people? Please mention the same.
  6. So, Girls, I was thinking about how do you girls manage your boyfriend when he does something you doesnt like.
  7. The coronavirus has sent all of us in the deep sea of loneliness and staying away from others. How are you managing this loneliness and social distancing ? What would you suggest others to follow?
  8. There are jobs where you need to travel a lot. I know some of the jobs where you need to travel all over the world and you need to be on the airports always. What are the jobs you know that requires you to travel frequenly and often? Come up with the best and most unique answers so that our viewers may get benefit.
  9. Who else do you think is to be held responsible for this virus? Coronavirus is definitely a chinese product!
  10. You guys are free to discuss about all the ideas that leads to success on youtube. Please note, the concept is to help others and nothing else.
  11. How to earn money from Youtube, is the biggest question now a days! Millions of people all around the world are now becoming self made celebrities and the reason is that they have uploaded some of the videos . Videos comes in all colors and dimensions. People make videos regarding anything, be it DIY tips, Cooking channel, and what not. There is absolutely nothing left which has not been covered in the youtube videos. So what do you have in mind about starting a youtube channel? How do you earn with youtube? Lets us discuss that all the ideas about which you can make a youtube channel and youtube videos.
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