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  1. There is nothing more important than defeating the grand old party right now. If the election was fought on real issues Biden would probably be no where in the top. If the grand old party stays in The Power no American will get what they deserve. Infect gop is doing the exact opposite of what liberals want. This election is about returning to the Trump era of United States. an era where the president of United States was capable and powerful of taking decisions and making an impact. Before Donald Trump POTUS was respected everywhere but nowadays the same is not applicable. this is a twitter President who has enough time to spend on Twitter renting about how is boobs do not flush right anymore on the Christmas. so this is a decision that United States has to take whether or not to become great again with or without Donald Trump I would say without Donald Trump for sure.
  2. if I take this opportunity to say that Donald Trump is the kind of a person who would throw send in someone's eyes and show that he is a tough person after all this. Trump is not worth voting for sure
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