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  1. so as the elections are nearing in United States, who do you think you will vote for and what is your reason to vote for your choice. The options are simple Donald Trump or Joe Biden
  2. I am asking a very serious question about the life style, how do you guys stop overthinking and do your stuff isn't it is strange that a lot of people are unable to do their regular work because they are always thinking and they are always overthinking everything? What do you suggest to these people that how not to do overthink?
  3. Dear moodysoody members, how did you manage to escape your 9 to 5 boring office life, or if you are able to become your own Boss how did you start it all?
  4. I have spent much time and developing my resume in coding than friendship
  5. I am single because I am way too awesome to be occupied with some dumbhead.
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