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  1. Ok so hare I am on this website and I am not here for a casual HookUp but I am actually looking for a good friend. I am 38 and I am residing in Queens Boro of New York State. The issue with me is I do not like people who lie to me, only thing I need in my friend is to stay loyal with me. If you are interested in being my friend do let me know bye contact me
  2. I am a big fan of How I Met Your Mother and I cannot tell you how much I missed this show when the finale was aired. The finale itself is pretty controversial and whole world is divided into two segments that says that was good and some Say finale was not good . Many people say that yet the show was about the mother she was hardly in the show. However in my personal opinion the show was directed and produced perfectly and yes there was a chance that there could be an alternate ending to the show but still what fun would it be if the show your love more than your life and just like that. The show is remembered even now because of the dramatic ending it had. How many of you cried during the finale of How I Met Your Mother? A sincere because I actually cried and I cried a lot when Ted mosby flashed the blue French horn in the ending,
  3. I don't know how many of you will agree with me but, show that really makes you feel awesome is How I Met Your Mother. The show gives you feeling that you are growing up with the characters. You relate to one of the characters and yet some how you feel that all of the characters are related to each other like a family. 9 great seasons and I have no shame in accepting that yes at some point of time the directors of the show messed up badly but the show still rocks and it will always be my top choice if asked. I miss that how I met your mother is not running on TV now and we cannot see more of Barney Stinson but we know that this is something better and deeper than anything else how I met your mother is way more better than friends.
  4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine Boss Breaks Down Pivotal Jake and Amy Moment, 'Internal Debate' About Season 7 Storyline The Brooklyn Nine Nine is here and all the people who were going gaga over the show is now happy. The show has something similar to what they ended the season 6 at and hey! New fun, new time! Go watch the latest episode of Brooklyn Nine Nine to know more about whats going in the show!
  5. Well I agree with Katrina and I would like to say that yes the cities incredibly expensive but hate people living in new york are also awesome . Went out with some people who were originally from New York and one thing I must say that New York people really know how to do their business.
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