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Found 3 results

  1. The coronavirus has sent all of us in the deep sea of loneliness and staying away from others. How are you managing this loneliness and social distancing ? What would you suggest others to follow?
  2. The memes on Coronavirus are breaking the internet and the reason we should have a look at these memes for purely fun purpose. Memes are a way of life and doesnt matter what happens in life, we can always have something to smile about. What is better than memes ? Memes are the best thing to smile and make our lives better with fun and humor. So lets have all the memes we can consider for the coronavirus fun! Lets enjoy!
  3. So the Chinese people has done it once again, this time it is coronavirus. I ask the government of United States who should be blamed For spreading of coronavirus in United State of America it is an exotic disease. Origin of disease is China and I do not understand how the disease can spread with this much face and like we already have more than 35000 patience all over the world. This is really pathetic and scary at the same time. I would like to know your views about what is going on in your city or your residential area in United States or you actually scared coronavirus or is it just a hoax.
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