[QUIZ- MEN] How great are you in the bed?

A great life depends on how you live your life when you are not doing anything. Being free is a turn on for most of us and thats the time when we live the life in true senses. Time spent in bedroom is one of the best time you might live. 

I am not going into the details, But I want you to take this quiz to know at what level you are playing your game in the bedroom. Please note, I believe you do good! 😀

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    How much time do you spend for foreplay?

    • Foreplay is a must for me. I always have foreplay during my love session
    • I like foreplay, but I can do without it too!
    • Mostly I do my love sessions without foreplay
    • I dont like foreplay at all
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    Once you are done making love, whats does your girl do usually?

    • Lies down there satisfied. Waits for 5 -10 minutes before doing anything else
    • Goes to wash herself
    • Cuddles me like anything. Kisses and hugs!
    • She is usually cranky after love sessions
  • Question of

    How often you make love with your partner?

    • 1- 3 times a week
    • At least 1 time a week
    • 1 or 2 times in 2 weeks
    • 2 – 3 times a month
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    Can you watch Erotica with your partner?

    • Yes for sure. I do that often
    • I have done it once or twice and can do it again
    • I have never done it , but can try
    • I have never done that, I cant do that and I wont do that in future too
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    You heard something new that could be tried in bedroom, but for that you need to spend about an hour in supermarket buying stuff. What you do?

    • I would definitely try the new things in bedroom, even if I have to spend time in supermarket
    • I can try new things, but I cant make efforts as mentioned
    • I am not usually open to try new things in bedroom
    • I dont try new things at all. Not even in my personal life
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    Your girl wants to have some role play fantasy . What you do?

    • I will 100% support her in her fantasy.
    • I will do it for her happiness
    • I dont like it much. Depends on my mood
    • I dont do roleplay or take part in fantasies
  • Question of

    Your girl wants to have some naughty fun while you drive. Whats your take on this?

    • Yes, I am up for it. Will have fun in the limits of road safety
    • I will take part, if I am in the mood and time allows
    • Its way too risky, can be avoided
    • I will never be a part of this kinky stuff
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    How many “Love Making Positions” you have tried so far?

    • More than 8 positions from Kamasutra
    • About 6-8
    • I guess more than 3
    • I know only 1 or 2 basic positions
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    Whats your experience with Sexting?

    • Me and my girl do that quite often.
    • Sexting sounds cool. We have done it quite a few times
    • Sexting is a rare phenomenon between us
    • Sexting is off the table for sure.
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    “Fun Toys” in the bedroom, your views!

    • We use toys in love making all the time
    • We use toys frequently
    • We rarely use toys in bedroom
    • We have never had toys in our Love Making

What do you think?

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