10 things you wont believe people buy when they become super rich!

There are certain things you buy when you have money, but most of the times, things like these have a restriction about what and how to buy?

We , the simple people who have a little money compared to the superrich, have limited ability to buy things. The demands are infinite but the resources are limited and even in this condition people have ability to buy super rich stuff.

Suppose if you have some money, what will you buy? There are things you have in your mind which you want to buy, but if the money you have cross the limits of your spending capabilities, you will buy things that doest make sense. People buy stuff that hasnt been made yet.

If i have so much money , I can think of things that i can buy.

People who have infinite money in their bank accounts have limited things which they havent bought yet. Like, I can not even explain it to you that how things matter for these people. They do not consider these things as something that they should buy.

Well, I have done some research and have came to a conclusion that if there is infinite money in a business man or a celebrities bank account, there are certain things they tend to buy. Doesnt matter, which place, country or society they live in, there are always somethings that they will buy and co incidentally these things have some common names. The common names are not so common for us.

People say money can not buy happiness, but what they actually mean is, they are not rich enough to buy happiness in money .

But, as they say, grass is always greener on the other side, and hence I too can relate with something like this all the time.

I have collected a list of things that super rich people tend to buy, in order to have some sense of satisfaction and superiority above others.

Have a look and do let me know what you feel about this list!

#1 Private jets , A common name among super rich

I dont know how many times I have read this or have seen this, but many people are interested in buying private jets for themselves. 

Private jets are in the bucket list for almost every single billionaire or say super rich. I have no issues in expecting that there are somethings that are liked by all, and a private jet is among that stuff. 

I can recall my horror when I have to go to the crowded bus and air port lines to board a plane that has been used by hundreds of passengers daily. It is not bad, but If I am super rich, I too would like to have one for me. 

Private jet is the number one thing that all the super rich have bought after they got rich.

#2 Super Rich people have a love for car

I will never understand why people have a love for car? May be because I am too poor to get that taste. 

Luxury and expensive cars are kind of second love for the super rich, as the first one is still the money. Many people have a car cascade with them that flaunts how rich they are.

With ever changing trend and cars getting more and more expensive, the super rich have a fetish for costly cars and that appears with the collection these people have. 

I am not envious to any one, but I would like to have a huge car collection, like my favorite stars too!

#3 One more citizenship

Believe it or not, but many people who have extra money with them have a feeling for another citizenship. Many people have tried to gain citizenship for another country when they already had citizenship for one country with them. 

I have seen some countries such as Madagascar, or panama, as they are tax heavens, people want to grab a possibility of becoming the citizens of these countries. 

#4 A Big library

Many of the people I have seen succeeding in their lives have owned a big library. May be before succeeding or may be after succeeding , but many big people have libraries in their houses. 

One more thing that attracts my attention is that many people do not spend a good amount of time reading or studying anything, but the fact is that library is a must in many successful houses. Many people have made libraries, even for public after getting some money!

#5 A Swimming pool is a great accomplishment

One thing that makes you feel refreshed even on the stressful days is the sense of water. Seeing water makes you feel refreshed and great in mind. 

Many big and successful people have seen investing millions and millions on the idea of making a great swimming pool in their house. 

The idea of making swimming pool in houses dates back to many years back and it has been reported that almost all the people who have an extra money, and a space to build a swimming pool have tried to get a swimming pool in their houses . 

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